My work invites the viewer into a world of opposites: brightness, darkness, wonder, horror and breathless intensity. All who view my art are asked to look more closely at the ordinary objects that surround them and to question their preconceived purpose. I long to take the viewers inside, my thought process, allowing them to participate instead of just being onlookers, thereby causing them to rethink the permanency of things in this world.

Created with a variety of materials, my art reflects a rhythmic flow of movement and connection with dance like strokes. I invite your eyes to feel the emotions that give life to my art. My pieces are based on surrealistic ideas that exist only in my imagination, fragments that become whole as they are created. As I string them together, I begin to create my reality, my view of the world. Once I complete my thought, a restructuralization occurs and the idea evolves from its collision unscathed, a shining splinter of wonderment.